Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Make the Christmas Cut Off!

Chunky Gold Chain Bracelet

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Shop it here!

Gold Chain Bracelet

DSC_8163_zpsc0d7250d photo DSC_8163_zpsc0d7250d.jpg  photo DSC_0062_4130.jpg  photo katie3.jpg
Shop it here!

Ebony Plain Chain Necklace

 photo DSC_8242_zpsc609ce49.jpg
 photo DSC_0900_4548.jpg
Shop it here!

Ebony Chunky Gold Chain Bracelet

DSC_8169_zpse7e696ec photo DSC_8169_zpse7e696ec.jpg  photo DSC_0211_4146.jpg
Shop it here!

Chunky Gold Chain Necklace

 photo necklace2_zps92f6d133.jpg  photo 6_zps59268daf.jpg
Shop it here!

Plain Chain Necklace

DSC_8264_zps24e388d6 photo DSC_8264_zps24e388d6.jpg  photo necklace1_zpsb3eb0279.jpg
Shop it here!

Shop these styles and more, in my shop by tomorrow, to guarentte them in time for Christmas! Don't delay, shop today!

Happy Wednesday!

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Lysa said...

Great Necklace! Lovely!!!

Live-Style20 said...

Great |!! :-0))

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Vett Vandiver said...

love these!!

Kellys Reality said...

Normally Im not a gold girl but I like how these are styled. Nice blog! I just moved out of NYC and I'll live vicariously through you ha!

Kelly Jaspers said...

great style! we love it

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